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Wedding in October at Saltram Wines

Updated: Dec 13, 2018


... and welcome to Mr and Mrs Obst best day in October at Saltram Wines in the famous South Australian wine region: the Barossa Valley - " one of the world's great wine regions − an absolute must for anyone with even the slightest interest in a good drop" as Lonley Planet acknowledge themselves.

Their story has been perfectly put together in a few words by one of the funniest and dedicated celebrants I have ever met - Tenielle (The Wed Life). Here it is:

"Tyson could hardly remember meeting Bec at Susie’s 21st that night, and Bec was with another fella at the time. Not your typical fairytale. I guess the magic wasn’t all lost; Bec does remember this cute guy catching her eye at the party that night.

Fate intervened again, bringing these beautiful strangers to the romantic setting of The Woolshed. This brief encounter was more than enough to get Tyson hooked, in his own words, he found Bec intriguing and liked the cut of her jib. Being a bit of an eager beaver, but remembering the other man on Bec’s arm at their previous encounter, decided to do a bit of a Facebook reconnaissance before taking the plunge and sending that infamous Facebook request.

Meanwhile, Bec’s woken up the day after with a cracking hangover, and sitting on her phone screen is a little notification from Tyson. She was quick to accept and didn’t waste time initiating a conversation; it flowed thick and fast, and it didn’t take long before they teed up their first date.

Tyson won his lady over quickly; it seems a trip to Sushi Train would do the trick. Their love of food has seen them eating some fine meals in their time, with their favorite delicacy being the chicken schnitty at the Top Pub at Eudunda.

Their relationship has been full of adventure. Camping trips from the local Dad’s driveway to Port Victoria, following the Smith Street Band around and going to every one of their gigs, heading out the rodeo, 4WD-ing and their annual Bali trips; there’s never a dull moment in this household."

And I believe every single word!

When I first met Bec and Tyson that is exactly what I saw: this amazingly in love couple that is looking forward to the biggest adventure of their lives together. There was a genuine look of relief in their eyes, acknowledging each other has found their soul mate.

We met for our initial consultation at the Cotto Espresso in Prospect (because I love good coffee and I want my couples to enjoy good coffee too). We chat, we reviewed pictures, we made plans for their engagement shoot etc. it was actually a super lovely Sunday morning.

Days have passed and then the day came.

Bec and Tyson chose to have a bit of an unconventional getting ready, as they both got ready at the same location (still... Tyson did not see Bec fully bridal-ed up until the ceremony). I was super moved to see the bond between Bec and her Nana, an absolutely incredible woman which is impossible not to love the moment she walks into a room!

We then left for the ceremony followed by reception at Saltram Wines.

Last but not least, Bec and Tyson would like to thank their "close friends including everyone from my work who attended and put up with my stressing all year planning the day and family who attended to help celebrate our special day, everyone that traveled from interstate and overseas ♥️ And our amazing bridal party who are not (just) friends but mean so much more to us as they are family: Susie ,Tom ,Jason & Steph!". 

Celebrant: Tenielle (The Wed Life)

Hair: Jordan (Pure Envy Hair&Body)

Make up: Kate Cook (booked through Pure Envy Hair&Body)

Engagement Ring: Natalie Diamonds

Wedding Bands: MIchael Hill

Bride jewelry: Swarovski

Bridesmaids dresses: Glamour Room

Bridesmaids jewelry: Mimco & Lady Fox 

Groom attire: RM Williams and Connor

Shoes: BETTS

MC: Nathan (friend)

Stationery (menus): Pepper Eve Calligraphy

Welcome sign/ seating chart / card box: Wedding Traders

Arbor/Rug: Paper Carousel

Guest Book: Love and Lines

Bridal Party Accomodation: Barossa Bed and Breakfast

Something blue

And they lived happily ever after ...


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